Luggage storage in houses or stores nearby to touristic zones. Travel without weight or worries

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How Airkeep works

Choose the city where you will travel.

Find a place nearby to leave your things.

Keep travelling. Without weight or worries

Safe storage

Hosts who will save your belongings (keepairs) are certfied by Airkeep’s team and the users’ community. Also, if it is available, the keepair can offer you Wifi connection, water, bathroom and more!

Nice price

Airkeep’s prices are cheaper than any storage service at airports and train station. Start paying USD 7 for 24 hours and get discount for longer periods.

Safe online payment

We have several payment options to do your transactions in a safe way. To guarantee our service, you must pay always through the platform.

We take care that your belongings are in good hands, with the best price and in the nearest place

Our users say

Best evaluated keepairs

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