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Visiting San José and you don't know what to do with your luggage?

If you have to do a long stopover or if you have already checked out where you were staying, the fact of having to travel around a city carrying your luggage does not allow you to enjoy your trip as you should. You will take longer having to carry the weight of the suitcases and also for the space they occupy, making it difficult for you to travel through popular tourist places.

At Airkeep we have a network of keepairs with which you can store your luggage in San José. Our keepairs are hotels, hostels, cafes, shops and restaurants, perfect for you to leave your luggage and enjoy carefree.

How to store luggage with Airkeep?

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Step 1

Find and choose the best place for you
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Step 2

Store your bags in our network of hotels and local stores in San José. Airkeep is now part of Stasher! You can book online through to store your bags.
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Step 3

Drop your your luggage with our hosts
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Step 4

Keep traveling without unnecessary weight!

San Jose

San José is the capital of Costa Rica. It is a city rich in activities, culture, history and tourism. It is more than a city, it is adventure, architecture and lots of fun. It is a city with Huetar indigenous heritage and European influence. You can explore all kinds of activity. The city is ready to welcome travelers of all kinds of tastes.

It is located in the center of the country, so you can leave that city to see other impressive tourist places in Costa Rica, it is the perfect point. It is also one of the largest cities and is considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America.

What to visit in San José?

  • Escazú
  • Barrio de San Rafael
  • La Asunción
  • San José Centro
  • Boulevard de Avenida Central

Where to stay in San José?

In San José you can stay in different areas depending on your expectations and budget. Escazú is the ideal place if you are looking for an exclusive place where you can find shopping centers, buildings, churches and luxury hotels. On the other hand, La Asunción is a safe place and is one of the main business centers. Finally, in San José Centro you can find the main tourist attractions and lively nightlife. Here is a list of the best sectors to stay in the city:

Where to store luggage in San José?

Tips to facilitate your stay in San José

What currency is used in San José?
The currency in Costa Rica is the Costa Rican Colon. We recommend you take dollars and exchange them at the airport or at the exchange office located in the city.
What plugs (eletricity) are used in San José?
The San Jose plugs are compatible with type A and B plugs. The common voltage is 120 V. The frequency is 60 Hz.
How to move in San José?

If you have a group trip and you will do different routes, the best option is to rent a car. This can cost you from $ 15- $ 20 (USD) a day, that is, 9,199 Costa Rican colones. However, you must take into account the traffic and areas you want to reach.

The bus is also an option, although you must be clear that they make quite a few stops and it may take you longer to reach your final destination. There are 2 options you can take: TUASA and Station Wagon. You can transport yourself from the airport to downtown San José. Normally the ticket costs around $ 1.10 USD, 670 Costa Rican colones. It will take approximately 35 minutes on this tour. If you want to travel to other cities, the bus you must take depends on where you are going, for example, if you want to go to Costa Caribe you must leave from the MEPE stop or the Gran Terminal del Caribe.

The taxi is also viable to move around the city. You can identify them by their red color. From the airport to the center it costs approximately $ 26 USD, 16,000 Costa Rican colones. You must exercise caution and avoid illegal taxis that are blue or black.