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Visiting Cancún and you don't know what to do with your luggage?

If you have to do a long stopover or if you have already checked out where you were staying, the fact of having to travel around a city carrying your luggage does not allow you to enjoy your trip as you should. You will take longer having to carry the weight of the suitcases and also for the space they occupy, making it difficult for you to travel through popular tourist places.

At Airkeep we have a network of keepairs with which you can store your luggage in Cancún. Our keepairs are hotels, hostels, cafes, shops and restaurants, perfect for you to leave your luggage and enjoy carefree.

How to store luggage with Airkeep?

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Step 1

Find and choose the best place for you
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Step 2

Store your bags in our network of hotels and local stores in Cancún. Airkeep is now part of Stasher! You can book online through to store your bags.
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Step 3

Drop your your luggage with our hosts
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Step 4

Keep traveling without unnecessary weight!


Cancun is located in Quintana Roo. It is a peculiar place and recognized for its wonderful beaches with turquoise ocean. As well as with its white sand. In addition to the beaches, it has an interesting history, culture and unique traditions.

Biodiversity is spectacular for aquatic and adventure activities. In addition to this wealth, it is a place where you can have nighttime fun, go shopping, buy handicrafts and taste delicious dishes of Mexican and international cuisine.

What to visit in Cancún?

  • Hotel zone
  • Downtown Cancún
  • Puerto Juárez
  • Playa Delfines
  • Playa Linda
  • Playa Tortugas
  • Zona arqueológica de San Miguelito

Where to stay in Cancún?

The best places to stay depend on your expectations and budget. The Hotel Zone is one of the most visited places for this purpose. If you have a high budget, you can stay at any of the luxurious hotels and resorts in that area. On the other hand, in Downtown Cancun you can find hostels and hotels that fit a lower budget and are close to many traditional and incredible attractions of the city. Here is a list of the best sectors to stay in the city:

Where to store luggage in Cancún?

Tips to facilitate your stay in Cancún

What currency is used in Cancún?
The currency in Mexico is the mexican peso. We recommend you to travel with dollars and exchange them at the airport or in the exchange offices in the city.
What plugs (eletricity) are used in Cancún?
The plugs in Mexico are compatible with types A and B.
How to move in Cancún?

To get around the city you can use taxis. However, this is the most expensive means of transport. You must make sure that the taxi driver has a price table or is a reliable price. Likewise, we recommend that you pay in Mexican pesos, so that the exchange rate does not cost you a lot. The basic rate is 35 Mexican pesos ($ 1.75 USD). The price per kilometer costs 32.50 Mexican pesos ($ 1.65 USD approx).

You can also use urban buses that cost approximately 20 Mexican pesos ($ 1 USD). These travel throughout the city between different stops and you can walk quietly in them.

Renting a car is also an option. Prices vary according to the type of vehicle, number of days, among others. Prices start at 300 Mexican pesos ($ 15 USD) per day.

You can also use mobile applications to move around the city. Among them Éxi or Uber that charges 7 Mexican pesos ($ 0.35 USD) as a base rate and around 4.90 Mexican pesos per kilometer ($ 0.25 USD).