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Visiting Cusco and you don't know what to do with your luggage?

If you have to do a long stopover or if you have already checked out where you were staying, the fact of having to travel around a city carrying your luggage does not allow you to enjoy your trip as you should. You will take longer having to carry the weight of the suitcases and also for the space they occupy, making it difficult for you to travel through popular tourist places.

At Airkeep we have a network of keepairs with which you can store your luggage in Cusco. Our keepairs are hotels, hostels, cafes, shops and restaurants, perfect for you to leave your luggage and enjoy carefree.

How to store luggage with Airkeep?

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Step 1

Find and choose the best place for you
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Step 2

Store your bags in our network of hotels and local stores in Cusco. Airkeep is now part of Stasher! You can book online through to store your bags.
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Step 3

Drop your your luggage with our hosts
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Step 4

Keep traveling without unnecessary weight!


Cusco is one of the most popular destinations in Latin America for being the closest main city with the best connectivity (international airport) to one of the 7 wonders of the world, the famous Machu Picchu. Also, the amount of activities you can do in Cusco are endless! It 's a beautiful colonial city, with many corners to visit and also many attractions in its surroundings.

In Cusco you will be taking walks all the time for the day or for some nights, so you should take only what you need for those days, and the rest of your luggage you can store it with our keepairs to avoid carrying your suitcase while you discover the nearby towns!

What to visit in Cusco?

  • Machu Picchu
  • 12 Angle Stone
  • Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca
  • Humantay Lagoon
  • Saqsaywaman
  • Qurikancha
  • Kenko
  • Cusco’s Cathedral
  • San Pedro Market
  • Maras
  • Moray
  • White Christ

Where to stay in Cusco?

In Cusco you will find many types of accommodations. There are many near the Plaza de Armas, which is the busiest area of the city, and you will also find options in the surroundings, but you should consider that Cusco is a town full of ups and downs through stairs, so you should consider that in the times of transfer. Here are the most popular places for you to stay.

Where to store luggage in Cusco?

Tips to facilitate your stay in Cusco

What currency is used in Cusco?
The currency in Peru is the peruvian Sol. We recommend for you to travel with dollars and exchange them at the airport or in the exchange offices in the city.
What plugs (eletricity) are used in Cusco?
The plugs in Peru are compatible with types A, B and C.
How to move in Cusco?

To leave the airport you can take a taxi that for 10 soles (US $ 3, € 2.5) will drop you off at the Plaza de Armas. Also, if you walk to the right outside the airport you can take public transport which is very cheap, for less than 2 soles (US $ 0.7, € 0.5) it leaves you in Plaza de Armas, although you should ask the number well and route that makes that journey.

Within Cusco it is very easy to get around walking everywhere, but if you are tired on the way back you can take a Taxi, Uber or Cabify.