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Visiting Monterrey and you don't know what to do with your luggage?

If you have to do a long stopover or if you have already checked out where you were staying, the fact of having to travel around a city carrying your luggage does not allow you to enjoy your trip as you should. You will take longer having to carry the weight of the suitcases and also for the space they occupy, making it difficult for you to travel through popular tourist places.

At Airkeep we have a network of keepairs with which you can store your luggage in Monterrey. Our keepairs are hotels, hostels, cafes, shops and restaurants, perfect for you to leave your luggage and enjoy carefree.

How to store luggage with Airkeep?

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Step 1

Find and choose the best place for you
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Step 2

Store your bags in our network of hotels and local stores in Monterrey. Airkeep is now part of Stasher! You can book online through to store your bags.
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Step 3

Drop your your luggage with our hosts
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Step 4

Keep traveling without unnecessary weight!


Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León in northeastern Mexico, is a sprawling industrial and business center surrounded by mountains. At the top is the Palacio del Obispado, an old Baroque building with a regional museum. In the center of the city is the Macroplaza, a large green area of connected squares, which houses the impressive Museum of Contemporary Art and the Torre del Faro de Comercio, which emits a green laser towards the sky.

What to visit in Monterrey?

  • Macroplaza
  • Cerro de la silla
  • Parque Fundidora
  • Paseo Santa Lucia
  • Barrio Antiguo Monterrey
  • Museo de arte contemporáneo
  • Catedral metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey

Where to stay in Monterrey?

As in all cities, Monterrey has options for comfortable budgets in very comfortable hotels and if you have little money, it has very well located hostels. We recommend the following neighborhoods to stay.

1. Mitras Centro is a beautiful neighborhood located in the heart of Monterrey and very well connected. Includes residential areas and the Autonomous University of Nuevo León.

2. The Old Quarter, one of the main centers of interest in Monterrey, has excellent restaurants, hotels and well-preserved historical elements.

3. Nuevo Repueblo is a residential neighborhood that is located next to the Santa Catarina River and the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Where to store luggage in Monterrey?

Tips to facilitate your stay in Monterrey

What currency is used in Monterrey?
The currency in Mexico is the mexican peso. We recommend you to travel with dollars and exchange them at the airport or in the exchange offices in the city.
What plugs (eletricity) are used in Monterrey?
The plugs in Mexico are compatible with types A and B.
How to move in Monterrey?

Public transport

Public transportation includes urban buses, intercity buses that serve Guadalupe and San Bernabé, and the metro system. The fare for a single ticket for adults is Mex $ 12 (US $ 0.60), although it is cheaper to purchase a monthly voucher for Mex $ 400 (US $ 20).


Getting around by taxi is a good option. This local service costs around Mex $ 50 (US $ 2.51). Fares start with a flag drop of Mex $ 10 (US $ 0.5) and then a Mex $ 9 (US $ 0.45) is added for every 1.6 kilometers traveled.


Renting a car in Monterrey is reliable and comfortable, thanks to the presence of several companies. Daily rates start at Mex $ 94 (US $ 4.73).