Become a Keepair

Airkeep allows hotels, hostels, cafes and shops (Keepairs) to generate extra income by storing travelers' luggage.

How Airkeep works for a Keepair

Register as host Keepair in Airkeep

Create an announcement with your place's address, a good picture of your place and a description of your neighborhood. We only send your specific address and contact information to a traveler who reserved using Airkeep's platform.

The traveler users go and drop off their belongings in your place

Store baggages, bags, shopping bags, helmets and all the articles that you estimate in the schedules that you selects.
Store articles of one or more users in parallel, for the days that you want. No limits, just you define how many luggages want to store and it's done.

Earn money storing stuffs in your house or business

The use of the platform is gree for you as host and you can earn the 55% of each payment.
Also, if you have a business, is an excellent opportunity to sell your products and attract new clients.

Your announcement will looks like this

Announcement in search map

Just fill a short form with your place information and a representative picture. After a confirmation you will be ready to receive luggages, bags, helmets, shopping, etc.

According to your service you will be evaluated by the same users, and if you have good evaluations you will have more and more users interested in store their stuff with you.

Announcement page detail

We take care of the security of both

Certified information

Within the conditions for storing an item, it is determined that whoever leaves their stuffs must show its content and thus avoid any misunderstanding. If the traveler doesn't accept the inspection, you must refuse to store your items.

Visual check

Within the conditions to leave an article, it's determined that who leaves their things must show its content and thus avoid any misunderstanding. If the traveler don't accept the inspection, you must refuse to store their items.

Stickers to organize

We give free security seals to every heavy Keepair host. Security seals help to avoid confusion when storing and delivering suitcases, bags, packages, etc.

The Keepairs say about us

What are you waiting?¡Be a Keepair is very easy!